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The dredgingof the pond. (Углубление дна водоема)

Dredging of pond, pond or river is a very important step for the pond or river. Explain.

Over the years, all ponds or rivers become shallow and dirty: silt, remnants of rotten vegetation and fish waste products of fish, and overrun with unwanted plants and algae.

The deepening of rivers and ponds, and cleaning water to be mini-dredgers is very good for your pond and without any damage to the environment and the landscape that already exists on your site.

Dredging is necessary only for those reservoirs that have a lot of silt and became small ponds or those who want to deepen for swimming or wintering fish.

Also our experts will help your fish to move the frosty winter months at the bottom of the reservoir without interference by the bottom of the pond wintering holes for fish, in which fish will be collected in the winter and thus survive the frosty time in safe and sound.

As cleaning the pond and dredging the reservoirs is a very important step for your pond without the pond will gradually gather at the bottom all the dirt and rotten remains of fish and plants.

If you want your pond was clean, beautiful and deep, then just call us and order the cleaning, dredging or aggradation of sand by a dredger.

As well as many other services for the water, which our company "Badwaters" offers turnkey.

So that you can enjoy our services of mini-dredgers and our professionals who will gladly help your pond to live, to be clean and well maintained for many years.

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