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Services mini dredger throughout Ukraine. (услуги миниземснаряда)

Our company "BUDVODRESURS" provides a mini-dredger.

The mini dredge is a small,bulky machinery with a set of portable suction pumps for sludge, mud, sand and vegetation remnants from the bottom of the reservoir. The capacity of these pumps provides a powerful petrol engine HONDA.

Works performed by mini-dredger:
Cleaning the pond from sludge
Cleaning of the reservoir from the remnants of rotten vegetation
Cleaning the pond from fish living
Cleaning from algae
The dredging of the pond
Expansion reservoirs
Alluvium sand, soil
The oxygen saturation
Mini-dredgers make the cleaning of the entire pond gradually,giving the desired depth of your pond. Cleaning the reservoir it is necessary to ensure that your pond was enriched with oxygen and internally cleansed from dirt, rotten residues and sludge that was collected over the years.

And oxygen saturated water is very necessary for fish,the oxygen is vitally needed. Because fish breathe oxygen dissolved in water,but if your pond is running and in poor condition,the fish just die, they really need oxygen and clean water.

Mini dredger doing its job at 100% effective, of course with the help of professionals of our company "BUDVODRESURS" we do our jobs well and safely is guaranteed.

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