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Rent a mini dredger throughout Ukraine. (аренда миниземснаряда)

Attention! Rent a mini dredger is provided only to workers who can operate machinery.Book at any time! +380973444401

Our company "BUDVODRESURS" carries out works on cleaning and deepening of reservoirs, alluvium sand, soil, beach, and all these works are carried out with the help of a dredger.

We provide our mini dredgers to rent only together with the workers,who are able and know how to operate such equipment as mini-dredger.

What is a mini-dredger? Mini hand dredge or dredger is a small and oversized special with a set of portable pumps that drives a HONDA petrol engine with a total capacity of 16.5 l / C. Mini-dredger with its small size,but very high maneuverability can get to the bottom of the pond and send up to 30 cubic meters of mud,silt,sand per hour.

Rent this mini dredger is the best solution for cleaning the reservoir, dredging, expansion of the reservoir and nabywania sand for the construction of the beach area.

These mini-dredgers are unique in the world because of their high productivity, level of maneuverability and the lack of harmful effects on the environment, and quick adaptation to given conditions.

Rent a mini dredger is the best alternative to machinery such as: dragline, tractor, excavator and industrial dredges that are too large and dimensional and like all objects require special delivery trawl on the location of the object.

Our staff will deliver mini-dredges in any point of Ukraine and will do efficiently the work for cleaning,deepening and alluviation of sand with miniseminars.

The mini dredge is a small object that exploded view,you can enter even through the gate and going about a half hour, and immediately starts to perform its work on the pond.

So rent a mini dredger is the best and most reasonable solution for the cleaning, dredging your pond, pond or river.

Call us now and we will help your pond to be clean, deep and saturated with oxygen,because it is so important and necessary for all living things.

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