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The protection of water reservoirs, lakes, ponds with oak, geocell, pile, concrete, gabion.

Our company "Budvodresurs" provides services for the protection of water reservoirs, lakes and ponds with oak, gabion, concrete, sheet piercing, geogrids and many other materials that strengthen the banks of reservoirs from blurring and help your reservoir to be strong, beautiful and durable.

What is the shore fortification of a geocell?

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How to strengthen the shore of the reservoir from erosion for a long time?

Как укрепить берег водоема от розмывания на долго?

Strengthening the shore from erosion for a long time is possible for strengthening in completely different ways, but we only have an individual approach to each reservoir.

Do you know why?

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The construction of a reservoir, pond, lake.

The construction of any reservoir - this is a big plus to our nature. Nowadays there are few beautiful, well-maintained reservoirs, lakes, ponds. And why exactly do you, when you order on the site the construction of the reservoir, make our nature is richer and more beautiful for another wonder lake in nature.

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